Top 10 SA-Sanctioned Survival Items for Your First Few Weeks Back on Campus

2011-2012 HBS SA
You can tell we know what we’re talking about since we’re wearing suits.

1. Binders (You may not read every exhibit of every case, but at least they’ll be well-organized)

2. A School Bus (Fact: There’s no better way to get to a social event)

3. Football cleats and eye-black (For flag football… HBS kids get a little ‘competitive’ about intramural sports. Just a wee bit.)

4. Belly-dancing skirt (To maximize participation points at the RC International Fair & BBQ)

5. Your Career Coach (EC Company Information days started last week?!?!)

6. Dancing shoes (There’ll probably be 7 club parties on Tuesday alone)

7. COFFEE (Forgot what it was like to sit in class for 6 hours a day, huh?)

8. Travel Coffee Mug (Gets you a discount in Spangler/The Grille/Aldrich, what what! Also recommended: befriend the Cashiers… A little smile goes a long way for a healthy and fulfilling coffee-consumption relationship)

9. Flu shot, cough drops, and anti-bacterial hand lotion replica watches (Getting friendly = getting serious about health)

10. Family and non-HBS friends on your phone’s speed-dial (This place is amazing… But so are the people from outside campus who helped you get here. Keep in touch.)