Hungry for Today’s Headlines? Grab a News Snack

A few EC students have started serving up a daily ‘News Snack’, a 60 second bite of need-to-know news on YouTube for busy young professionals. Deborah Singer (OJ), Kunal Modi (OJ), and Mike Rothenberg (OJ) cooked up the idea as a field project for Professor Mikolaj Piskorski’s Competing With Social Networks class.

The class covers strategies for companies to create more organic social media relationships with their consumers. While most of us watch YouTube videos or read Yelp reviews replica breitling Aeromarine , few of us create them – that’s where the class’s producer project comes in. Teams are tasked with becoming real content producers on a social media platform.

For the News Snack team, the choice was easy. “We’re news junkies and are always trading interesting articles,” said Modi. “We thought it’d be fun and information for us to share our favorite stories each day with our friends,” added Singer replica breitling bentley 6.75. Just before the first take, Rothenberg suggested the news duo share their favorite ‘snack of the day’ at the end – now a News Snack staple.

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