Team of Harvard RCs Wins Interactive Launch Competition at NYU

By Jeff Zeller, RC

HBS RCs Mishal Desai, James Francis, Dani Haber, & Jeff Zeller at the Interactive Launch Competition at NYU

A team of RCs recently traveled to New York City to compete in this year’s Interactive Launch Competition, a case competition sponsored by members and companies within the cable industry.  Dani Haber (Section G), along with Jeff Zeller, Mishal Desai and James Francis (Section B) beat out teams from top business schools including MIT, Wharton, Columbia, and NYU.  The foursome was asked to present on the next generation of what the industry refers to as “TV Everywhere.”  In other words, watching TV over the Internet through a cable subscription you actually pay for, rather than logging into your ex-boyfriend’s grandma’s HBOGo account.

Combining elements from favorite Millennial apps like Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and more, the team was able to wow judges and conference attendees with buzzwords like “social” and “youth demographic.”  For their efforts, the team comes home with $2000, so expect a free drink at John Harvard’s next time you see them!