All HBS RC courses to be rolled into LEAD

Harbus LogoRC program chair Rawi Abdelal announced today that, starting this fall, all RC courses will be rolled into ‘LEAD’, the first year leadership course.

Rawi explained that the change was driven by a desire to be more upfront with students.

“We feel like the current iteration of the RC curriculum isn’t completely straight with students about what exactly they’ll be learning,” Rawi said.

“People start out thinking they’re going to learn about operations, accounting, finance and marketing. But they realize by about NovemberAd going beyond river that it’s all just LEAD. So we figured we may as well make it clear from the beginning.”

“To the extent that students learn any practical skills, like how to read financial statements, it’s purely so that their LEAD action plans can be even more specific.”

Accompanying the change will be an overhaul of RC assessment.

Rather than sitting several exams that test the skills they’ve learned, students will now simply submit one 800 word action plan that explains how they will solve a hypothetical leadership dilemma.