Kit Robbins
Kit Robbins

A: Hey, great meeting you after the Speaker Series today. I really liked your question at the end. Want to grab dinner sometime?

B: Thanks! Great meeting you too. Definitely down for dinner. Hope you like sushi.

A: I love sushi. Especially the Dragon Roll at The Grille. But for you, I’m willing to venture off campus. How about this Friday?

B: I can’t this Friday. [sad face emoticon] I have a Discussion Group dinner. We planned it months ago so I probably shouldn’t back out of this one… Can I take you up on that off-campus Dragon Roll on Saturday night?

A: Bummer, my section is having a mixer then. The theme is boy bands, and I already told my section mates I’d go as JT. Can’t let my *NSYNC crew down.

Ten minutes later…. No reply.

A: For the record, I’m a karaoke star. My go-to song is “Bye Bye Bye.”

Seventeen minutes later…. Still no reply.

A: …Soooo how about Sunday?

Five minutes later…

B: Oh sorry, just got out of Shad! This Sunday is going to have to be my case reading, laundry, and recovery day. And I should probably figure out what a cycle time is before the TOM midterm. Will be out of pocket before then… How about we check-in again next week?

B: Btw, I love JT. Can’t wait to see these dance moves at some point…




A: Happy Tuesday. Hope you had a good weekend and knocked out those cycle times. For the record, my JT number was a hit. Just wanted to see if you’re free sometime this week for dinner / lunch / breakfast / brunch / coffee / tea / ice cream / froyo with extra toppings? The sushi offer still stands.

B: Shoot, this week is crazy. I have a bunch of networking and recruiting stuff going on so I’m out of pocket for the majority of the week… How about we do a Doodle and find a time?

A: You’re funny. [winky face emoticon]

B: Sends a Doodle

Seven hours and twenty-one minutes pass…

A: Ok so I filled out the Doodle. Hope we can find a good time?

B: Great– let’s meet at The Grille next Tuesday at 3:30PM. Just sent you an Outlook invite and blocked off travel time walking to/from the east side of Aldrich.

A: You know Spangler Lawn isn’t that big, right? [thinking face emoticon followed by winky face emoticon]
B: Gotta cover our bases. We have to beat the sushi line. Dragon rolls on you? [blue fish emoji followed by anchor emoji followed by sushi emoji]


Kit Robbins is part of Section Z, the best-looking, most politically correct and inclusive section at HBS. Aside from sitting in Spangler sipping coffee and pretending to read cases, Kit does pretty much nothing at HBS.