Dear Harby

Harby, Satirical Advice Columnist

Dear Harby,

After I accidentally booked coach seats for a weekend getaway to St. Barts, I’ve been officially voted out of Section X. I’m a bit lost and am wondering what I’m going to do for socializing – do you have any advice?

Lonely in Loeb

Dear Lonely,

I hope you now appreciate what a cardinal sin imposing such constraints on your classmates’ travel arrangements can be. It is, after all, a privilege MBA candidates enjoy to be elevated above the paltry accommodations that Joe and Jill Traveler must endure, and I struggle to imagine a graver offense, particularly to the denizens of the vaunted Section X.

That being said, while I can’t empathize with your plight, I do take pity on you, and can provide a couple suggestions for venturing into socialization with the teeming masses. For example, you could always condescend to enjoy a round of squash with a pal from VCPE, or sample the latest Bordeaux vintage with the Wine & Cuisine Society!

Above all, just remember that HBS offers a social safety net with a diverse array of lesser options for those who have fallen from Sec-X grace, and now is your chance to dive into that net headfirst.

Bon chance (did I mention learning French?),