Interview & Admissions Guide

The Unofficial Harvard Business School  Interview Guide & Admissions

The Winter 2015 guide includes the following exclusive content:

            • Actual updated interview questions from Round 1, 2 and 3 interviews for the Class of 2016 (brand new in this edition!)
            • Admissions advice and direct quotes from current HBS students
            • Expanded analysis section with detailed commentary on interview questions

(Proceeds benefit The Harbus and The Harbus Foundation, both 501(c)(3) non-profits.)

Congratulations on deciding to apply to business school! The admissions process can be daunting, and we are here to help you navigate it. While this guide is tailored specifically to Harvard Business School, we’re confident that the advice contained inside its pages will be helpful for applicants to any MBA program.

This is the Fall 2014 version of the Unofficial HBS Admissions & Interview Guide and it contains brand new content unavailable in previous editions. We have expanded our well-known “Interview Questions & Analysis” section to include the most recent, most relevant questions you should expect during your interview. We are also proud to introduce a new section offering general admissions advice. We hope that the new admissions content serves as a valuable resource on your way to receiving that coveted interview!

What differentiates our guide from other similar publications is that it is written by current HBS students. We were in your shoes not long ago, and we understand the nuances of the application process from first-hand experience. In addition, our content is continuously updated. It doesn’t simply come from “recent applicants,” but rather from applicants who got in, enrolled, and are now immersed in HBS culture. In short, we are real students offering real advice and real interview questions.

Need Admissions Help?

Keep in mind that we are the only guide to offer question-by-question analysis from anyone, much less from current HBS students!

It doesn’t take a Harvard MBA to recognize how great a deal this is!

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