Dear Graduates: You Can Have A Happy, Healthy Career

I had the privilege of participating in a career day event a couple of weeks ago at The Academy of Enterprise and Finance in Long Island, NY. This is a high school with a focus on providing students with a challenging academic, business, and technology program. I was so impressed with the questions the students […]

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“What Mr Peabody Can Teach Harvard Business School About The Fifth Epiphany”

Feb-21-2014 by

This epiphany is a whopper. With the help of Mr Peabody’s time travel skills, our fifth epiphany is from the future. Yes, absolutely from the effen future! In the future we saw, MBAs study this simplified ‘Fifth Epiphany’. In present day August 2015, it is clearly the culmination and sequel to five (5) authors’ lifetime […]

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3 Hacks to get into hottest Silicon valley startups

Nov-06-2013 by
Start Ups

Harbus blog posts: 3 Hacks to get into hottest Silicon valley startups Disclaimer: This post represents my personal views informed by my own search and these worked for me. I’m happy to discuss what worked for some other people and welcome comments on my thoughts.   a. Start working for them before you get the […]

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Read With Me

Harbus Picture 2

This summer Ryan Eskridge and I decided to ditch sleep so that we could learn about the news business and how to write code. Lot’s of code. By the end of the summer Read With Me ( was born. Read With Me is a platform that enables you to personalize any news article by enabling you take any […]

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One Western Ave 451


This column will follow the weekly triumphs and tribulations of Spencer, Andrew and Felicity, three housemates in One Western 451, as they navigate the coming academic year at Harvard Business School. Andrew, an EC, worked for Deloitte in Phoenix, AZ, is home town. You’d be hard-pressed to find this out, because he talks about his […]

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Top Ten Ways to Stay Sane During RC Year


Top Ten Ways to Stay Sane During RC Year:   1)   Class Preparation:  The case-method is one of the most important traditions of the Harvard Business School experience, but mastering the art of the case method in class is challenging.  First off, overdress.  This gesture will increase your classmates’ perception of your intelligence regardless of […]

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Fleeting Bliss in Beirut

Sep-30-2013 by
Bliss St. in Beirut

‘Dream as if you’ll life forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow’   Certainly one of the most over-memed (or ‘grammed) quotes out there. Gandhi must be pissed. Yet it is also seemingly the most apt way to describe Lebanon’s approach to happiness.   It was perhaps a rather foolhardy visit – the foreign office […]

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Raamin Noodles: The Nine Commandments for RC Happiness, as Practiced by the Class of 2014

Sep-30-2013 by

Howdy, RCs! By now you’re more than a month into classes, and I bet you’re feeling like you’re just getting into the swing of things. You’re beginning to understand which cases you need to read closely (TOM) and which cases you can generally get away with skimming (literally anything else). You’re starting to figure out […]

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Gender at HBS: An Open Letter to the Harbus

hawes hall

We are three women from the Class of 2013 who are writing in response to the Harbus articles regarding the recent New York Times feature on gender at HBS.  We believe that, amidst the commentary prompted by the coverage, the Harbus conversation, led by the pieces “It will be OK,” and “A Response to Jodi Kantor,” have perhaps missed the […]

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It Will Be OK

Copyright Emma Toshack, 2013.

Becky Cooper Nadis and Alana Hedlund respond to Jodi Kantor’s recent coverage of HBS in The New York Times. To the RCs: It will be ok. You may have seen an article in the NY Times about gender relations at HBS (or maybe you saw it on Facebook.  Or maybe it was emailed to you […]

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