Mentors4u and the true Great Beauty

True Great Beauty. Mentors4u - Dimitrios Tzivelis

This March the Italian film, “Great Beauty” won the Academy award for best international movie. The film, skilfully directed by Paolo Sorrentino, depicts the decadence of a part of the Italian society immersed in lavish and extravagant parties and living only by memories of past, often presumed, greatness, in the exquisite setting of a timeless and breathtaking Rome. [...]

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Teman & Teran Evans, HGSD Superstar Entrepreneurs

Mar-24-2014 by

Last Fall, the Harbus got an opportunity to meet and talk with Teman & Teran Evans after hearing them speak at an event at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. They are both HGSD graduates and founders of the DIOSCURI brand. They have worked for star architect, Rem Koolhaas and have been featured in Time [...]

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InsideIL: Connecting MBAs to the Start-Up Nation


This week, HBS MBAs Sara Greenberg and Della Heiman are launching InsideIL - an online platform designed to connect MBA students with leading Israeli companies, and to facilitate summer internships. The program represents an exciting opportunity for students to immerse themselves in dynamic companies, to experience a new culture, and to forge global relationships with leading entrepreneurs [...]

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Taking money from VC’s means you will lose a lot of control.


This and other key takeaways from the Retail and Luxury Goods Conference!The COO of RueLaLa, founders of Caudalie, the Head of Retail & commerce at Facebook, keynote speakers William McComb the CEO of Fifth & Pacific, Julie Bornstein the CMO & CDO of Sephora and Donna Karan together in one building at the 10th annual [...]

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Heard at today’s WSA conference

Feb-22-2014 by

Time is a scarce commodity, did you spreadsheet that?Today’s Dynamic Women in Business conference, hosted by the Women Student Association at HBS, continues to be an impressive success. Golden nuggets of advice, quick-witted tips and life-long proverbs speckled thoughtful debate throughout the day. Over 1,000 young and seasoned well-heeled business women power-networked to discuss healthcare, [...]

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FIELD of Dreams

Feb-04-2014 by
Team TAM (FIELD of Dreams)

So, another generation of HBS students has made it through FIELD 2. And after soaking up the sun in a variety of Southern Hemisphere hotspots, they’re no doubt relieved to be back here in the icy embrace of Boston’s post-apocalyptic winter wasteland. In January, HBS dispatched RCs to the ends of the earth. Destinations included repeat [...]

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HBS Alum Series: Q&A With Ms. Angela Chao, Class of 2001, Section E

Dec-05-2013 by

Deputy Chairman, Foremost Group Angela Chao is Deputy Chairman of Foremost Group, an international shipping company in New York.  Prior to joining Foremost Group, Angela Chao worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions Department of Smith Barney, now a part of Citigroup. Angela received her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree from Harvard [...]

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HBS Alum Series: Q&A With The Honorable Elaine L. Chao, Class of 1979 Section C

Dec-05-2013 by

Currently, Chairman, Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Foundation 24th U. S. Secretary of Labor 2001-2009 Former President & CEO, United Way of America Former Director of the Peace Corps  The Honorable Elaine L. Chao, the 24th U. S. Secretary of Labor who served from 2001-2009, is the first Asian Pacific American woman to be appointed to [...]

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HBS Alum Series: Christopher Michel

Dec-04-2013 by

Navy. HBS. Serial Entrepreneur. Christopher Michel is an American investor, he is an entrepreneur, a Navy man, a photojournalist, an author and HBS alumni. He is the founder of Affinity Labs and and currently runs Nautilus Ventures, a seed venture fund. In 1999, after a brief stint at Mercer Consulting he decided to build [...]

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Boston’s new StartUp- Achvr

Dec-02-2013 by

Last month, the Harbus had the privilege of sitting down with Ryan Traeger (CEO) and Drew Watson (CMO) to find out more about their new start-up, Achvr – a social platform that’s all about helping people live happier, more-fulfilled lives. Available online and through an iPhone app, Achvr works by applying familiar game mechanics to [...]

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