Emily Dohse reports from Partner Case Night


I’ve never power-walked so fast in my life. I had just gotten off the T at Harvard Square and was FaceTiming besties back in Chicago while crossing Mt. Auburn Street, when I looked at my watch: 6:24?! $%#!#@! With a side-eye out for the wild Cambridge turkey, I hoofed it across the bridge in full-blown […]

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Taking on City Hall

Oct-20-2014 by
Kevin Sharer

Senior Lecturer and former Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer shares his advice on how to succeed in influencing decisions by zooming out from looking just at the negotiation. Last week a committed student leader was in my office seeking advice on how to influence a policy decision whose outcome was not trending in the direction he […]

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Women, 40% of the class, hold 50% of section positions in Class of 2016


In what is perhaps a promising sign for the future of gender equality in the business world, women are over-represented in the section leadership of the HBS Class of 2016. Forty-nine per cent of section officer-bearers are women, despite women making up only 41% of the class. Even removing the Womens’ Student Association Rep position […]

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How I became an entrepreneur by mistake

As RCs move into recruiting season, and ECs face down its home stretch, Agustina Rosenfeld (HBS MBA ’14) shares her experience charting her career during her time at HBS. There is some truth to John Lennon’s idea that life is what happens while we are busy making plans. But isn’t life better when we set […]

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Introducing Section P


Pstt… there’s another section that you haven’t heard about. It’s not Section M, X or K. It’s P. Section P for Parents. The membership only requires you to have a baby and lead a very different lifestyle, but there are lots of priceless benefits such as unconditional love, even greater perspective on life and automatic […]

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Make your own ladder


Regular contributor Patrick Daniel saw Burger King CEO Daniel Schwartz speak on campus last week. Schwartz ascended to the position at 32, and Patrick reflects on what means for climbing the ladder: make your own. When Daniel Schwartz was appointed CEO of Burger King, Bloomberg Businessweek provocatively ran a cover story titled “Burger King Is […]

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Why can’t candidates campaign in RC section elections?


If you, as the RC cohort just have, were to sit through HBS’s FIELD 1 course, you’d hear a lot about the importance and value of open communication. You’d hear a lot about the importance of discussing, debating and setting clear norms in a section. And you’d hear about the importance of giving, soliciting and […]

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What the Pope can teach HBS students about leadership

Vatican Pope_Garc

Kevin Sharer is a Senior Lecturer at HBS. He joined the HBS Strategy Unit in 2012 after serving as the President and then CEO of Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology company, for 20 years. In this article he looks at how students should think about their development as leaders – and what they can learn […]

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The results: HBS’s best (and worst) student clubs


With over 70 clubs on campus, the SA Clubs Committee has a lot on its plate. Last Spring, the Committee approached the Harbus with the concern that nobody actually had any idea how satisfied club members were with their clubs. So we did -wait for it- a survey. Students were asked to rate their clubs. […]

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Emily Dohse’s Partner Life Column

Sep-29-2014 by

Emily Dohse is the partner of an RC student and writes a bi-weekly column on her experiences for the Harbus. This week she shares her experiences, and those of other partners that she’s met and reached out to for her column, as well as spotlighting another HBS partner. In the past two weeks, I have ventured […]

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