What the Pope can teach HBS students about leadership

Vatican Pope_Garc

Kevin Sharer is a Senior Lecturer at HBS. He joined the HBS Strategy Unit in 2012 after serving as the President and then CEO of Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology company, for 20 years. In this article he looks at how students should think about their development as leaders – and what they can learn […]

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The results: HBS’s best (and worst) student clubs


With over 70 clubs on campus, the SA Clubs Committee has a lot on its plate. Last Spring, the Committee approached the Harbus with the concern that nobody actually had any idea how satisfied club members were with their clubs. So we did -wait for it- a survey. Students were asked to rate their clubs. […]

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Emily Dohse’s Partner Life Column

Sep-29-2014 by

Emily Dohse is the partner of an RC student and writes a bi-weekly column on her experiences for the Harbus. This week she shares her experiences, and those of other partners that she’s met and reached out to for her column, as well as spotlighting another HBS partner. In the past two weeks, I have ventured […]

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Reflections on the evening with Peter Thiel

Sep-29-2014 by

Regular columnist Patrick Daniel reflects on his experience of listening to Peter Thiel’s conversation with Bill Sahlman. There are a few things better than a good conversation, but not many. A good conversation inspires you to think differently. It keeps you engaged long after the conversation has ended.  When Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and […]

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Peter Thiel shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship, innovation and the future of HBS

Peter Thiel, managing partner, Founders Fund

Billionaire entrepreneur, investor and intellectual Peter Thiel visited HBS on September 19 and Steve Hind had front row seats for his conversation, which was hosted by the Rock Centre for Entrepreneurship. Peter Thiel pays people not to go to university. And yet the billionaire founder of PayPal and early investor in Facebook found himself at […]

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HBS Students Launch Opedspace

Opedspace Logo (1)

Last week RCs Fred Spring, Tewfik Cassis, Christina Sgardeli and Andrew Cedar launched Opedspace. Their goal is to elevate the political, economic and social discourse by providing young professionals with a platform to publish their opinion pieces on global issues. The site has hit a nerve, with thousands of visitors in its first days. Opedspace […]

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An Afternoon With Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan, CEO Gilt Groupe

Patrick Daniel recently spent and afternoon with Kevin Ryan, founder of Business Insider, Double Click and Gilt Group. This is what Kevin had to say.   “Go do a start-up — it is really fun,” Kevin said. “Only join a company if you would invest in it.” If you live in the world of fashion, you will […]

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The Rise,Fall, and Resurrection of the Electric Car


The best-selling pamphlet Common Sense by Thomas Paine defined the American Revolutionary era. It inspired people in the North American colonies to fight and declare independence from the British Crown. It was merely 48 pages long, but its impact was tremendous. In simple language Paine’s text appealed to the common man. It was passionate. It […]

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My First Weeks as an RC Partner


Emily Dohse is a HBS partner. Her student is an RC in Section D. She will be writing regularly for the Harbus on her journey from (every so slightly) outside the HBS bubble.Greetings from the partner of an HBS 2016 Section D student! The first days of school are over and I am finally able […]

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Address By The Managing Editor


G’day! Since I can offer absolutely no insight into making the most of your time at HBS, I thought I would write about student media. The promise of student media is, after all, why I signed up to work on the Harbus this year with Nabil and the team. Student media isn’t the amateur version […]

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