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Starwood CEO Frits van Paasschen Worth his Weight in “Gold”

Spangler Auditorium filled quickly last Wednesday with students eager to hear Starwood Hotels & Resorts CEO Frits van Paasschen talk about “The Age of Great Change,” hosted by the Hospitality & Travel Industry Club. Prior to his role at Starwood, van Paasschen held several executive positions across various functions at national brand-led corporations like Nike […]

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Prof. Howard Stevenson’s Five-Year Plan

Feb-20-2013 by

One of the best things about this school is the quality of speakers that we have access to. Immelt, Dimon and Dalio come and go to vast crowds. On Tuesday, the Entrepreneurship Club gave us a talk with Professor Howard Stevenson, the father of entrepreneurship at HBS, talking about his approach to entrepreneurship and to […]

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The Joys of Job Searching

Feb-11-2013 by

Well, our long, glorious winter break is over and its back to reality – snow, recruiting, and those things we like to call classes (right). When I was trying to think about where to begin the column for 2013, there were so many things to chose from: the awesomeness of FIELD 2 (go Ghana!); the […]

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Foursquare CEO Advises Aspiring Entrepreneurs During Visit to iLab

Nov-20-2012 by

As Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley addressed a group of MBAs in the iLab last Wednesday, he singled out one individual in the crowd. The student, whom Crowley did not know, was proudly donning a signature black Google fleece. After a bit of playful jeering, Crowley changed his tone: “But seriously, you’re probably really smart, I’d […]

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My Decision to Postpone EC Year

This summer I decided to take a year-long leave of absence from HBS. My motivations are simple: time and opportunity. It started during a conversation I had with Grace [Choi (OI)] about 6 months ago when she told me that HBS professors and alumni were much more willing to help students than other alumni, and […]

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My Summer in Kabul

Aug-30-2012 by

Can you even call Afghanistan an “emerging market”? Hopefully, eventually, it will emerge. As I reflect on my summer internship with Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications operator, one thing clearly stands out: I learned more in the 10 weeks in Kabul than I did in the three years working prior to HBS.  If you’re considering an internship […]

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An Inside Look at Trunk Club

Last summer, I had the opportunity to intern with Trunk Club, a men’s clothing service that makes it easy to find great clothes without any shopping. It was my first experience working at a start-up; when I joined, the company had just hit their first full year of sales, and was growing quickly. What makes […]

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What Do You Want to Do?

I was quite jealous of the investment bankers and consultants who had know for months where they were headed and were working their way through the pre signing bonuses in Colombia, Costa Rica and anywhere the sun shone. In my section of 90, there were 3 of us, entrepreneurs and that is the way it […]

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Summer Profiles

Feb-22-2011 by

ECs share their perspectives on internships, locations and industries With Hell Week still fresh on your mind and interview season now in full swing, we at The Harbus know you’ve got many big decisions ahead of you and wish to provide some firsthand insight from those who came before you. Whether you’re hoping to try […]

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Alumni Perspective – Jessica Gelman

HBS has a rich and diverse base of alumni. In this column, we speak with the alumni who have been out in the real world and bring their experiences and perspectives to our readers. This week we spoke with Jessica Gelman (HBS 2002) who went into the unconventional realm of sports and combined her passion […]

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