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Your Planet Needs You: Celebrating 41 Years of Earth Day

Apr-19-2011 by

 In the spirit of Earth Day, let me be the messenger of some pretty shocking environmental news that is surely relevant to each and every one of us….. Climate: Last year, the heat waves across Eastern Europe and Russia were unprecedented – the highest summer temperatures ever recorded in the last 500 years. An anomaly? […]

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Green Living-Harvard Composts!

Do you ever wonder what happens to the food left over in Spangler Dining Hall? The morning of Saturday, March 26 a group of people from across the Harvard community took an hour-long bus ride up north to visit Brickends Farm in Hamilton, MA to find out.  The tour was sponsored by Harvard FMO Recycling […]

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The Effects of Climate Change

climate change

On Febuary 2nd, the Business and Environment Initiative (BEI) hosted Harvard University Prof. Dan Schrag, a highly recognized authority in the climate change space. Prof. Schrag spoke about the effects of human advancement on climate change over the last several decades and through a series of insightful facts, drove home the idea that the planet […]

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Recycle Almost Everything

Feb-07-2011 by

But wait, it’s not a melting pot! “Should that go in the trash or recycling?” This is probably a question you ask yourself many times a day. While most of us understand the importance of recycling, it can sometimes get a little confusing in practice. HBS offers SingleStream recycling which means that all recyclables (plastic, […]

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IXP – Extreme Green Tech (Lite)

A Few Key Takeaways from an Epic Journey in the Bay Area In early January, twenty-five HBS RCs and ECs led by Professor Joe Lassiter set out to discover the mysteries of green tech in the bay area, and ended up finding the meaning of life, the path to true happiness, and, most importantly, each […]

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Celebrating 40 Years of Earth Day

“We did not inherit the Earth from our forefathers, but it is on loan to us from our progeny.” That bit of ancient Native American wisdom is by far the most succinctly powerful statement that sums up the essence of Earth Day. The BeginningEarth Day was born 40 years ago, on April 22, 1970, when […]

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Green is the new Crimson

Gore then recited a popular African proverb, If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The problem, Gore says, is that “we have to go far, quickly.” Harvard University holds its first ever Sustainability Celebration with a keynote delivered by Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al […]

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Eco-Friendly Office Tips

This summer, most of us will be drinking the Kool-Aid once again after one year of drinking out of eco-friendly Nalgenes. For those of us trying to live environmentally friendly existences, staying Green in an office setting can present a real challenge. Offices are notorious for using copious amounts of paper and electricity, and are […]

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A few weeks ago, we saw the usual flurry of ECs trying very hard to either find RCs to hand over their leadership positions in various HBS Clubs to, or refereeing fights between RCs all going for the same role. Now that the dust has settled, and it is too late for anyone to actually […]

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Green is In-If you aren’t Green, you aren’t in!

From people drinking water from reusable Nalgenes, to people taking the Tap Water Taste Test, to attending an Organic Wine & Cheese party, to wondering why there are so many water bottles displayed on the Spangler lawns – HBS students took green living consciousness to new heights this past few weeks. So you got a […]

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