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Foursquare CEO Advises Aspiring Entrepreneurs During Visit to iLab

Nov-20-2012 by

As Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley addressed a group of MBAs in the iLab last Wednesday, he singled out one individual in the crowd. The student, whom Crowley did not know, was proudly donning a signature black Google fleece. After a bit of playful jeering, Crowley changed his tone: “But seriously, you’re probably really smart, I’d […]

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FIELD 3 Start-Up Trains the Valley

Apr-22-2012 by

Every year, many HBS students graduate and go work for technology companies such as Google and Zynga. Other HBS students choose to start their own ventures, which require them to hire and manage web developers. But most of these students have never written a line of code and are unsure of how to work with […]

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Launching a Website is the Greatest Feeling in the World

Mar-05-2012 by

Ok, so I haven’t had kids yet, I’ve never climbed a mountain, and I’m not particularly medal-worthy at anything, BUT I am married and I have been a contestant on a PBS game show episode (subject matter: Mythology) that never aired, so believe me when I tell you that launching a website is magical!  This […]

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Is HBS an Incubator for Female Entrepreneurs?

Gilt Group. BirchBox. LearnVest. Rent the Runway. Care.com. Angie’s List. Fashionstake. Baublebar. These are just a few of the high-profile, high-growth startups that have been started by Harvard Business School women. Despite the widespread belief in today’s tech monoculture that MBAs do not make good entrepreneurs, I’ve heard several investors say “I wouldn’t bet against […]

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HBS-founded CloudFlare is Sky High

We know Google traces its roots to Stanford, Dropbox to MIT, and Facebook to Kirkland House, but what recent high-tech company will HBS be bragging about years from now? The answer could be CloudFlare, founded by HBS MBA ‘09 grads and Section D classmates Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn. What exactly is this behind-the-scenes, 20-person […]

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Disrupting Innovation: Going Beyond the Buzz-Word of the Day

Why does design theory matter, what we can learn from it, and how we can practice it? I had the opportunity to speak to Tom Hulme (HBS ‘07), Design Director at IDEO London, on the topic of design and its integration with business, which enabled me to conclude that the concept of innovation is currently […]

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Eclectic Perspectives on an Electric Industry

The Energy and Environment Club will host its eighth annual Energy Symposium, this year entitled “Dialogue for a Brighter Future,” on October 22nd.  The flagship event, entirely student organized, is the first symposium on the HBS calendar and one of the most attended on campus.  It is also the opportunity for club presidents Louis Beryl […]

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Thank You, Steve Jobs

I found out late that Steve Jobs had died. By late, I mean about two hours after the news had first made its way on to the internet. The entrepreneur of the century, the greatest business mind of our time. Despite these abstract accolades, I personally care. I actually do. I feel a sadness I […]

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Peter Thiel Uncensored

Does modern financial theory make sense? Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal and prominent venture capitalist, says no, and does so strongly. Speaking to a packed Burden auditorium, Thiel attacked the view of the world that has taken root in America—a view in which individuals cannot possibly have definite, deterministic views of what life will be […]

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Open for Business

Sep-28-2011 by

Entrepreneurs-in-residence (EiRs) are quite possibly the best resource HBS has to offer the budding entrepreneur.  With the patience of a FIN1 professor, the determination of an EC trying to get into Professor Malhotra’s Negotiation class, and knowledge equal to that of Dean Nitin Nohria himself, the EiRs come to HBS with one purpose: to help […]

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