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Venture Capital Firms

  1. First Round Capital.  FRC recently published its key investment findings after 10 years in the business. Number 1 is that companies with a female founder performed 63% better than companies with an all-male team.

  2. Aspect Ventures.  Two of the most respected VCs in the Valley (HBS alum Jennifer Fonstad and GSB alum Theresia Gouw) raised a fund in May 2015. I can’t wait to see what they do.

  3. Forerunner Ventures.  Kirsten Green and her firm have earned enormous respect for their work on commerce companies and I’m encouraged that VCs like her think the industry is changing.

Angel Investors/Groups

  1. Jonathan Sposato.  In May 2015 Sposato announced to a Seattle investing conference that he is ”not going to invest in any company that does not have a female founder.” I’m still clapping.

  2. Golden Seeds.  A network of 275+ women investing in women-led companies, Golden Seeds has invested in 65+ enterprises since 2005.

  3. #Angels.*  A group of 6 early employees at Twitter launched an angel group in March 2015 and has been celebrated across the Valley. If you’re a founder, email these women. We’ve seen ecosystems of founders and investors grow quickly out of big exits from prominent companies (e.g the PayPal Mafia) – I can’t wait to see a similar virtuous cycle driven by female leaders. * (full disclosure I worked with #Angels and am a completely biased advocate for these women)

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