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From the Editor’s Desk It is time to take the reins.

Alex Smith, Editor-in-Chief

As many of us are shivering through the infamous “second winter” of Boston, now is a great time to curl up and read our latest issue of the Harbus—though the one thing I do not suspect you will find in this paper is a desire to sit still and do nothing.

To begin, there are two important pieces that embody some of the complexities of the current state of the world. Noelia Lombardo Gava, the previous Editor-in-Chief of the Harbus and a leader on campus, along with Georgiy Volevach, a member of the EC community who was born in Kyiv, inspire and empower our community by sharing how every individual can help end the war in Ukraine. Addressing the challenges facing the global economy in this new era of geopolitics, Martín Rodríguez Rodríguez details his experience attending the Alamos Alliance XXIX Conference, where global thought leaders gathered to discuss economics, public policy, and the political economy during these uncertain times. 

Another pair of articles not to be missed introduces the new Inclusive Leadership course launched as part of the required curriculum this year. Katherine Richardson reports, highlighting the student feedback that prompted adjustments to the course and the perspectives from the faculty who led its design. In a complementary article, Yoshita Agrawal, an RC, shares her personal opinion of the course along with key takeaways she feels make her a better leader.

HBS Professor Ranjay Gulati has been hosting a series of interviews with CEO’s as part of his investigation into leading with deep purpose. Ziana Kotadia sat in on an interview and relayed her learnings that can be applied broadly to our own careers. As someone who has found his purpose, you can also read about Olutosin Sonuyi, an EC who has founded a company dedicated to helping other organizations build robust online communities.

Finally, if introspection and fulfillment interest you (or if you just enjoy being happy), be sure to read our piece on Arthur Brooks’ Leadership and Happiness course. Robert Waldinger joins as a guest lecturer to share his insights from the longest study on adult life that has ever been performed to understand what it really means to have a fulfilling life.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I did, and I hope they give you similar inspiration to take action, live the life you have been wanting to live, do your part for your community, and be happy.


Alex Smith (MBA ’23) is a dog mom from Texas. She previously worked for Chevron Technology Ventures helping startups to scale. Skiing with friends, listening to podcasts on long walks, and singing Billy Joel on road trips are some of her favorite pastimes.

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