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HBS Movember Campaign Raises a Record $22k

Xavier AzcueBest Reaction from Friends / Family "If I look at you from your nose up I barely notice it anymore" (Marta, my girlfriend) Best Response to Recruiters Recruiter: "Movember?" 

Brian BurkeYour ‘Stache Inspiration (stachepiration?) The 1994 New York Knicks (Ewing, Oakley, Starks, Mason, Harper..) Best Reaction from Friends / Family

Etienne BilletteBest Reaction from Friends / Family You look like an 80s porn star

Jared ReyesBest Reaction from Friends / Family My dogs did not recognize me. Best New Skill You’ve Spontaneously Developed by Virtue of Rocking a ‘Stache

Gome GomezBest Reaction from Friends / Family & Most Profound Moment in Life Stemming From Your ‘Stache My uncle donated to my campaign and said he hoped I rid myself of the ’stache soon. Then he told me the following story: My uncle had an uncle who would, upon boarding an airplane (this was in the 50s-60s), inspect the captain’s facial hair. If the captain had a mustache he would refuse to fly on that plane.

Mark SykesBest Reaction from Friends / Family Brother - "Yuck" Girlfriends mother - "You look scary" Father - "I'm only donating if you promise to shave it off at the end Best Response to Recruiters Sponsoring employer direct quote (after donating):

Kunal RaiYour ‘Stache Inspiration (stachepiration?) My dad has told me all my life that I should grow a mustache. I decided I should probably fulfill his wishes. Best Reaction from Friends / Family

Tobi OlopadeYour ‘Stache Inspiration (stachepiration?) My dad rocked a stache from 1985-2010 so we bonded over me looking like he did as a youth. Best Reaction from Friends / Family

Daniel EspondaYour ‘Stache Inspiration (stachepiration?) 100% natural, although many people seem to think it was Pablo Escobar. Best Reaction from Friends / Family “Daniel, what’s up with that nasty mustache?”

Dmitry ZhdankinYour ‘Stache Inspiration (stachepiration?) Jason Schwartzman is one masterful bearer of the ‘stache, who continued to inspire me throughout this journey. His facial hair magnum opus is of course his role in Darjeeling Limited, an ideal to aspire to. Best Reaction from Friends / Family “Please don’t do it again” - mom.  Best Advantage to Rocking a ‘Stache

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