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HBS to Improve Classrooms with new First and Business Class Seating

  1. Guaranteed immunity from cold calls

  2. 2-minute grace period for class arrivals and dismissals

  3. In-class meal service

  4. 2% cash back at Spangler Dining Hall

  5. Free day passes to Spangler’s new Emerald-Super-Maxi-Premium-Diamond LoungeFirst Class Seating

  6. Ability to pre-select other classmates for cold calls

  7. Lay-flat seating in Skydeck

  8. Unlimited comment airtime bundleTM

  9. Dedicated concierge for reserving bathrooms during classroom breaks

  10. In-desk entertainment system

  11. Bottle service at all TGIF events

  12. Guaranteed interviews at Google, Blackstone, Nike, Goldman, and McKinsey

  13. Waived admissions fee for Section X

  14. Guaranteed admissions interviews for all legacy children Oberholzer-Gee said that the MBA program was also exploring the possibility of introducing Economy Class in select classrooms. Geared specifically towards those attending HBS from non-profit and failed-start-up backgrounds, the Economy Class would be located in the extreme right-hand side of the room just outside the professor’s peripheral vision, and would be standing room only. HBX would then be rebranded as “Economy-Minus”

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