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Love in the Time of Covid-19

  1. A face mask may well be the best gauge for bad breath as you can smell your own mouth odor in real time, something that your close ones may have suffered from in the past. You can now be a part of this experience and judge for yourself the severity of the problem. The late 20s or early 30s is a great age to diagnose if you have halitosis that nobody has been too blatantly honest to mention (side note: if you find yourself changing face masks like you do t-shirts because you cannot stand the smell, you should probably chew more gum).

  2. This is a great time to focus on our studies. We are inventing new ways to keep us even more glued to our chairs. With Covid, everything must be delivered to our doorstep. And, in winter, you will even save time by not having to complain about the harsh Boston weather (a not-so-favorite pastime of HBS students).

  3. Comfiness and experimental looks are all the rage right now. You are able to stay in your pajamas all day long (at least below the belt). For men, the opportunity to sport that beautiful mane that you have always wanted is now a reality. Formality has been downgraded. Let your Vikings curls grow as much as you like, because avoiding the hair-dresser is now considered a form of highly positive activism.

  4. There is no social damage from avoiding others (or others avoiding you). Your reputation stays intact. Physical isolation is now a good thing and introverts are on their game.

  5. Investment in personal technology is no longer considered a splurge. Your cellphone is your best companion and your dwelling must be fully equipped with technology for you to be available 24/7, so personal investments in technologizing your abode are also now a good thing. Go wild as nobody (other than your wallet) will judge you.

  6. Virtual match-making demand is skyrocketing, and this might be your biggest chance to meet your future sweetheart. If you cannot find your match, we have learned that Tinder Consultants are available for consultations on your virtual love-life.

  7. You will know that there is a Massachusetts state webpage, and you will get to know it, thoroughly.

  8. Your grandparents will now definitely learn how to use smartphones (though whether or not this is a good thing is still TBD) and you will get to know Every Single Online Multiplayer Pictionary-like game.          So, as you can see, even a pandemic can bring opportunities.

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