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Observatory Desk: Watching out for the latest Trends and Songs at HBS

Phenomenon #1: Chance encounters and Hotline blingYou’re at Harvard Business School, of course you are busy! Everyone is. (You used to call me on my cellphone..) When you are out of classes and recruiting sessions, you are at section gathering and club events and depending on your appetite for insomnia, you rarely see your own bed let alone anyone else’s. (Late night when you need my love..) Amazingly, one semester in and you are still meeting people for the first time, the conversation is fantastic and you end up with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are in class with some brilliant human beings. (You should just be yourself..) But this phenomenon occurs when you meet someone not from your section not from your immediate circle who you are suddenly more than just interested in. You have a long conversation till the wee hours of the morning and poof! You don’t see that lady/gentlemen ever again. (Call me on my cellphone..)

Phenomenon #2: Of stoplights and I can’t feel my faceYou’ve uploaded your resume at every link possible and the only call you are truly expecting right now is from your dream company! Meanwhile, you miss home and your old friends. Ahem, old loves. Luckily there’s the stoplight party to look forward to tonight. (And I know it’ll be the death of me..) Yes you are wearing green and you look around hoping against hope that you see mystery person also in green. Oh no! You see a sea of green and it is no one who you are remotely into! (The worst is yet to come..) Decided to get wasted anyway? Bank on your amazing section-mates to get you back to campus! (I can’t feel my face..) Next morning you struggle through class. Many greens paired with greens overnight and now the campus is a Red Ocean! Sigh, if only it was you. (She told me “Don’t worry about it”..)

Phenomenon #3: Cuddling season and the HillsOh it’s so cold and you have seen seeing someone almost every other night. “Oh we are just friends, studying!” But you are reading cases together and you are starting to sit closer and closer because, it really is getting gloomy outside! (I’m just trying to get you out the friend zone..) Soon you aren’t that busy anymore, you are opting out of social events just to cuddle up a bit? Yes, phenomenon #3 has struck and it doesn’t hurt to keep yourself warm? (Found out I was comin’, sent your friends home..) No no! This isn’t what you came to HBS for! You are determined to go out, meet more people and make more friends. Yes, you get back really late, you are exhausted and yet you can’t go back to sleep. (I only call you when it’s half ..)

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