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You have a unique story to tell.

And you know that telling that story in the right way can get you into the MBA program of your dreams.

ApplicantLab is here to help 24/7 at a fraction of the cost.

ApplicantLab is a virtual MBA admissions platform

You have what it takes to excel in your career: the smarts, the people skills, and the leadership potential.

You’re ready to take the same work ethic and resourcefulness you’ve used so far and commit to applying to MBA programs.

You may have concerns: maybe a low G.P.A., maybe your work history, or maybe how to stand out from other candidates with similar profiles. Maybe you just don’t even know where to start!


So how can you get admissions committees to see the same potential you see in yourself?

The solution is here.

ApplicantLab will help you:

  • Develop a strong positioning strategy

  • Organize your thoughts to power through more apps in less time

  • Defeat writer’s block and write strong essays

  • Guide your recommenders on what to say about you

  • Craft a winning resume (which is often more important than the essays!)

  • Confidently prepare for interviews


Read our HARBUS ARTICLE to learn more about how we’re leveling the admissions playing field.

“I had been staring at that essay question for weeks, going in circles. ApplicantLab got me to a draft within a few hours. It’s amazing! I was accepted to my top choice with a $50K merit fellowship! Talk about ROI!”

– Samuel

*Type in the code “harbus10” for 10% off your purchase.*

People love THE LAB. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • “I had been staring at that essay question for weeks, going in circles. ApplicantLab got me to a draft within a few hours. It’s amazing. I was accepted to my top choice with a $50k merit fellowship! Talk about high ROI!”   – Samuel  
  • ApplicantLab was an amazing discovery! I would have made countless mistakes if it weren’t for the outstanding guidance (what to do and NOT to do) throughout each section of the ApplicantLab. There is absolutely no way to get such great advice, and from such an experienced source, at a cost this low. I would have been very lost without the Lab. I’m beyond thrilled and so grateful to be attending my dream school this fall.” – Rachel
  • ApplicantLab has the best cost-benefit in the market! The way that it works is incredible! I was accepted to my #1 choice with a scholarship!”  – Raphael
  • I had previously spent thousands of dollars on a very famous US-based admissions consulting firm based on so many positive reviews, which was money down the drain. I was shocked to see that the process and advice in the ApplicantLab was not only identical, but in some cases even better than the advice the expensive firm was giving me. As an Indian national with a technical background, I wasn’t sure how to stand out from others in my highly-competitive pool, but thanks to the ApplicantLab, I was able to find a great hook, use my best stories, and get into my top-choice school!” – Sumeet
  • “Applying to MBA programs can be daunting. I knew that I needed assistance navigating the process, but did not have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on an admissions consultant and was worried that I would not be on the same playing field as other applicants with greater resources. Luckily, I discovered the ApplicantLab, which provided me with an affordable alternative and helped alleviate any uncertainties about how to best present myself to Admissions Committees. It’s the perfect tool for any MBA candidate looking to take their application to the next level!”  – Kaitlin
  • “When I started my MBA applications, the process was intimidating. It’s tough to know where to start and how to frame up your best qualities, so it’s not surprising people pay so many thousands of dollars for consulting services.  I found ApplicantLab through a friend and it turned out to be an integral part of my application work while also very cost-effective compared to the alternatives. ApplicantLab really helped guide me through the process more than I imagined it could. It streamlined applying to multiple schools at once which greatly decreased the amount of time it took me to do complete the applications. It pushed me to really think through the essays and ended up getting me into my top choices! It’s the most affordable, effective product of its kind!” – Elisabeth
ApplicantLab is an official partner of The Harbus News 2020-2021
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