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20* Questions

  1. // Enjoy getting to know more about them! 20 questions 1My name:Brittany Harris2hometown:Oakland, California replica watches3Childhood ambition:Become a physician4Fondest memory:As a child, memorizing the entire Forrest Gump movie with my brother5Soundtrack?Usher’s “Confessions” and Adele’s “19”6retreatRelaxing at the beauty salon7if I weren't doing this, I'd be:Well-rested and working in an environment that challenges me intellectually, preferably in a warm climate8proudest momentWhen I was selected by my classmates to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier9biggest challengeBeing patient10perfect dayBrunch, a day at the beach, a trip to the spa, and dinner at a Mexican restaurant11first job?Tutor at Kumon Learning Center12indulgenceDoubleTree chocolate chip cookies13last purchaseA winter coat!14favorite movieLove and Basketball15inspirationMy parents16my lifeNever perfectly calculated but always ends up working out17if I won the lottery tomorrowI would donate to a youth development center in an underserved area, travel around the world, and save/invest the rest.18my heroGeoffrey Canada19current ambitionLive comfortably and work in a diverse and challenging environment.   Eventually, I would like to find a position that allows me to work directly with a foundation or organization that positively impacts at-risk youth.20words to live by“Be not weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not”  - Galatians 6:921*Ideal SundayChurch, Football, without cases getting in the way 1My name:Stefon Q. Burns2hometown:New York City, but I’ve lived lots of places as a military brat3Childhood ambition:Building my parents a house4Fondest memory:Winning dance contests with my older sister5Soundtrack?A Three Way Tie Between: Adele’s 19 / Sister Act 2 Soundtrack/ Notorius B.I.G’s Life After Death6retreatLeaning over my stand-mixer7if I weren't doing this, I'd be:Ripped, better read, and more engrossed  in the lives of my siblings8proudest momentHelping my first mentee get into college…9biggest challengeBalancing my focus10perfect dayBreakfast in bed, morning workout, hours with my books, brunch with close friends, a bag laden stroll down Madison, and home cooked dinner with my family11first job?Investment Banking with Morgan Stanley12indulgenceNew Desserts13last purchaseHermes Tie and Marc Jacobs T-Shirts14favorite movieDisney’s Aladdin15inspirationMy Parents’ Love, Diligence, and Imperfections16my lifeA series of odes to ignoring the odds17if I won the lottery tomorrowGive 10% to my church, 10% to education focused charities, and invest the rest, play with the interest & capital gains, and continue to work18my heroGuiseppe Arcimboldo – he was able to see the world disassembled into its composite parts19current ambitionStart on a career path that ends with me being like the protagonist from the Shanghai Tang case20words to live byTo Whom Much Is Given, Much is Required21First time performing?Yes! I’ve never acted on stage before…

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