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Building on Success of Tinder Gold, Accounting Unit Offers New 2019 SIP, “Maximizing Value Throug...

  1. “what the hell is a Boost?”: Understanding the Gimmicks You’re Shelling Out Hard-Earned Student Debt Dollars For

  2. Maybe Just Meditate Instead: Alternatives for Filling the Gaping Void in Your Soul

  3. You Could Try Just Talking to Them: Introduction to Communicating with the Opposite Sex

  4. Oh, You Haven’t Been Invited to Raya?: Getting In On What the Actual Cool Kids Are DoingThe administration has also endorsed the program, and is considering a wider rollout to incoming RCs. “Mechanizing these interactions could be essential to minimizing the school’s liability for the gray areas of sexual harassment,” noted course coordinator M. L. Privlidge. “Here’s to no more awkward chats with admin!” Student reactions were instantaneous. “Finally, a course at this school that I can use!” said RC Todd Brohan. “This will revolutionize my Rio experience next year!” The course is already oversubscribed; for prospective students who would like to be waitlisted, the department has established a dedicated phone line, 1-900-HATE-SELF.

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