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Critical Seasoning

A monthly feature in The Harbus reviewing the most interesting bars and restaurants near HBSThe squares of Cambridge have always served as hubs for the local neighborhoods. To the west lies Harvard’s posh polish and to the east Kendall’s industrial gleam, but between them sits Central Square, the slightly grittier middle child. What Central lacks in sparkle, though, it makes up in its diverse array of culinary options. Viale, with its Italian-inspired menu designed by Chef Greg Reeves and co-owner Mark Young, reflects the square around it: dependable and comforting, if a little rough around the edges. From the faintly sweet House Negroni to the more bracing lemon-infused House Aperitif, the light cocktail list will prepare your palate for what’s to come, but it might be more

  1. Viale—502 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge—

  2. ** (Out of four stars)

  3. $$ (Out of four dollar signs)

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