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Dealing with Covid-19

  1. Get to know your section even more with section Jeopardy ( 

  2. Play online games: Among Us, Scribd, the Escape Game, and Secret Hitler are just a few options.

  3. Watch a movie together by hitting play at the same time or sharing screen on Zoom.

  4. Exercise from home, no need to go out and face the cold (join “wee30”!)

  5. Musicians, jam around the world online with or

  6. If you do not have enough with HBS, join online classes. “Masterclass” is always offering insane discounts, including annual memberships for a dollar; be on the lookout. Classes range from how to cook the perfect egg to learning how to write novels or communicating better with your partners. There is enough for every taste.Until the next time, stay strong and look forward to good news.

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