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EKTA 2021—A Journey Celebrating Diversity, Unity and Friendship

Sripriya Kalidoos and Abhivyakti Dixit (MBAs ’22) report about EKTA 2021 at HBS The show must go on!—Announced Dean Datar as he kicked-off EKTA 2021. On Thursday April 15, the HBS community had a high-energy cultural immersion as students found themselves grooving to the tunes of Bollywood music. This year, South-Asian Business Association brought back the charm of the annual cultural show, EKTA, in an all-new virtual avatar. Bringing to life the multi-ethnic cultural diversity—both classic and contemporary, the organizers swept the audience away, leaving them longing for a South Asia Trek.  EKTA is an HBS tradition, handed over by more than 12 generations of HBS students. However, EKTA 2021 was going to be different. Recorded over 30 days with over 150 performers, EKTA has been the largest cultural event in HBS this year. 

Standing Stronger—EKTA 2021 and Beyond Ekta (एकता) means “unity” in Sanskrit, and it is in these testing moments that we see communities coming together, united. The show brought together the student community to coordinate, practice and record the show despite several odds. Despite chilly Boston winds, outdoor practice and face-coverings, students kept up the energy and adrenaline to put up a splendid show. Students organised small-group dinners and virtual watch-parties to reconstruct the Klarman experience. EKTA 2021 was more than a cultural show, it was an opportunity to revive for new friendships and rekindle old section bonds.  Harsha Mulchandani, Niharika Bhargava, and Prerna Arya (MBAs ’21), three EC students led the efforts to organize EKTA 2021. In spite of juggling recruiting, paper submissions, goodbyes and challenges of organizing the first ever virtual EKTA, the trio made sure to put together a memorable night that brought the HBS community together. Amidst all the challenges in the last year, the South Asian student community stood united with resilience, enthusiasm and love for a unique and diverse culture. The evening was a true celebration of adversity and strength of the community here at Harvard Business School.  Youtube link to EKTA 2021-

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