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Frogs Finish Finance with a Flurry

After dinner, Karaoke Queen Tara Dixon led us to State Street for a night of singing, where we learned that many Frogs possessed a hidden desire to be Axl Rose. Benjamin Hartman sang "Paradise City," and although Sari Topel ended up requesting "Welcome to the Jungle," she was rather disappointed that the song list did not include "I Used to Love Her, But I Had to Kill Her." Allison Weinberg and Jason Barro sang a rousing duet of "Crocodile Rock," making us all wonder whatever happened to Kiki Dee? Recognition must go to Wendy Ware, Social Chair, for continually harassing the server in Japanese, causing many confused looks. The evening's highlight was no doubt when the 15 or so Frog women in attendance joined together to serenade the men with "I Want Your Sex." On Saturday afternoon, a group of Frogs nursed their sake hangovers by heading back downtown to inflict some more damage on the local economy. Ice skating at the Frog Pond—a place obviously incapable of coming up with an original name—Section F-ers found themselves amidst a serene setting, with snow falling lightly in front of the panorama of the Boston skyline. Nikki Germany skated for the first time, and it was obvious she is a natural.

Ronan McArdle, also a newbie, quickly mastered the skating part, but seemed to have a little trouble with the stopping. Opportunist that he is, Ronan turned this to his advantage, and ended up meeting a lot of local Boston women while using them "to slow himself down." After he had gotten enough digits to last him the winter, Ronan led the group to a nearby Irish pub to warm up and listen to some traditional Irish music. Look for the Frogs to head to the Frog Pond again in the near future, perhaps for a night skate. Sunday, the Froggy Festivities continued. The Women of F held a brunch. I would report on this, but the ladies are being pretty tight-lipped about the whole affair. One can only hope they had a great time and are planning wonderful things. As evening approached, Frogs descended upon the apartments of Robin King and Cisco del Valle, both of whom hosted intimate Super Bowl parties. Both social events were marred by a horrible football game with a worse outcome. There were also way too many interruptions for the Frogs interested in marketing positions, who were just trying to take proper notes on the new ad campaigns. "Chad, What are YOU doing?" A few Frogs are due congratulations this week. The NF A-League Hoops team started off the season with a rousing overtime win. Marc Sullivan gets the award for the Warmest Cold Call, as BGIE Profesora Laura Alfaro gave Marc a full 70 minutes to prepare to tell us what Arthur Burns should do to end stagflation during Monday's 100-minute marathon. We're confident Marc had the answer ready at the onset, but he certainly nailed it. Most importantly, Javier Segovia was formally engaged to longtime girlfriend Rosario S nchez-G¢mez. The Frogs can't wait to make the trip to the wedding in Puerto Rico.

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