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Harvard Climate Leadership Still Lagging

Roger Shamel (MBA ’74) calls for Harvard leadership to take action on Climate Change Is the climate crisis real? Is it really that serious? Are urgent actions needed? What’s Harvard’s role?  Sadly, many members of the 400,000-strong Harvard community still don’t know the answers to these existential questions. More importantly, many don’t know that humankind is at serious risk of crossing vague red lines beyond which it may be impossible to preserve a livable climate for future generations. What More Can Harvard Leaders Do? In a few words, put Harvard’s climate leadership in the news! Publicly, unabashedly, seek non-fossil-fuel donations to fund a “Harvard University Climate Initiative.” Begin an outreach program to inform the Harvard community that their talent and treasure are needed. Alumni will respond.  Climate change represents an unprecedented threat, and also an unprecedented, red-eyed, black swan opportunity.  Encourage the Harvard community to show its world-changing capabilities for making a positive difference. Make it clear, without hyperbole, that civilization itself may literally be at stake.  Harvard taught us to be leaders who make a difference in the world. Now we want Harvard leaders to make a difference that only they can make. We want them to speak out loudly and clearly about climate!  What’s Needed Now, Before It’s Too Late

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