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SA Weekly With the weather acting up and marketing midterms to be done, the flag football season saw itself extended by a week.ÿWith the schedule meant to finish up last week, an unfortunate storm forced the push back of the school championship to Monday, November 15th at 8:15 on the Cumnock fields (other side of the stadium). What did happen this past week, however, was an RC Championship of epic proportions that finally, after rain, wind, and one unfortunate head-to-head collision, finished with NE sweeping to the championship with a win over NG. The recap, courtesy of NE captain Freddy Flaxman, is below.ÿ ÿ For now though, all focus is on the School Championship.ÿ ÿ Preview for the School Championship OI comes in on a 6-game winning streak with an offense that's humming and defense that is impenetrable.ÿLed by QB Cole Vandennakker, OI is a 1 to 2 favorite to win the game. Representing the RCs, NE is an up and coming squad that's been hitting their stride since they implemented a zone offense for the playoffs. Since then, they've been able to outscore and outlast two good teams. The only question remains, how will they stand up to the ECs? ÿ Details for the School Championship - OI vs. NE - 8:15 Monday, November 15th at the Cumnock Fields - Cider and Hot Cocoa will be served to all attendees - 'Flag Football Champion' T-shirts will be given FOR FREE to all members of the section that wins AT THE GAME Come one, come all and support your section. SECTION E WINS RC CHAMPIONSHIP Emus outlast Section G, Class 3 Hurricane en route to becoming RC Champions. While HBS Professor Al Sheen hedged his bets by telling both his Section E and Section G finance classes that he thought they would win in their championship face-off, only one of the two sections would actually come home with RC Flag Football Championship on Monday night.ÿ After 60 minutes and as many stitches, it was Section E who emerged as victorious, defeating Section G by a score of 26-13.ÿ As usual, the Emus saw a number of players step up with significant contributions.ÿ The defense, keyed by anchors Tanner Gardner, Felipe Arias, and Chad Royer as well as by a steady stream of energy from Jesse Garcia and Daniel Gwak baffled Section G, holding their high-octane offense to only two touchdowns.ÿ Meanwhile, the Emu offense saw Rob Woods and Will Fotsch score touchdowns once again, with Elle Galezewski, Michelle Richards, Jeremy Martin, and Pete Jdklfjszzvclksjfi also contributing in a big way.ÿ Even offensive newcomer Anthemos Georgiades found his way into the action. However, the biggest surprise didn't come until after the game when Tanner Gardner, not Rob Woods, took off his shirt in celebration of a key touchdown.ÿ ""While I certainly would have loved to continue my 80-day streak of being the first person in every social setting to take off my shirt in public,"" said Woods, ""I couldn't have lost it to a better guy ."" Section E's success was due in large part to the cadre of fans who toughed out monsoon-like conditions to support their team.ÿ Conor Tochilin was one such fan, ""For me, precipitation with such gallant force was only fitting for the dramatic setting we witnessed.ÿ I can't help but recall a similar setting in Tolstoy's Ana Karenina, who, much like our team, faced an existential struggle, butÿfor meaning in life and the nature of God, rather than in flag football."" Section E next plays EC Section I in the HBS Super Bowl on Monday, November 15th at 8:15 PM.

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