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HBS Students Spill Their Secrets for a Successful Admissions Interview

“To practice, I did 6 simulated interviews with HBS students that proved invaluable in my preparation.” “Prepare three or four good stories (which could be adapted to answer practically any question), then record yourself on iSight answering 20 minutes of questions. Watch to assess your body language, tone.” “Know your resume cold. Know your essay(s) cold." If you were reading your application, what questions would you have for yourself? Those are probably the questions you’ll get on interview day.”

“As you think about your strategy for answering interview questions, it’s a good idea to rehearse your answers, but do not memorize them! That will come off as inauthentic and can really hurt your chances.” “HBS students are expected to be able to think on their feet in the case method. The interview screens for that." "You will be asked a lot of questions—often in rapid fire fashion. But don’t forget to get your own message across.” “ What do you want to convey to your interviewer? Find a way to get your points across in your answers.” “When preparing for your interview, practice being succinct in your answers. HBS is looking for articulate students who can make convincing statements or arguments without going on and on forever.” “ Remember, it’s only a thirty-minute session, so your interviewer will get frustrated if you are taking up too much air time.” lakeisha nicole landrum  lake lakeisha nicole landrum harvard harvard business school 

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