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Highlights from the HBS Tech Conference

  1. Unity Technologies projected a beta build of their new product that will allow AR developers to use the Unity Studio to place AR objects with real-world contexts

  2. Bumble was on-site to give attendees’ Bumble Bizz profiles much-needed makeovers

  3. General Assembly gave advice to startups and students thinking about starting a companyA Retrospective – and Looking Ahead When 6:30pm rolled around on Sunday, October 28, and the HBS cleanup crew began pulling the drinks from the open bar, we were left with two things. One, pounds and pounds of leftover fancy cheese (note to next year’s conference team: bring Tupperware). Two, a feeling of satisfaction that we had thrown another successful Tech Conference. We hope the attendees learned something substantial and will continue to draw on the new connections and friends they made at the conference this year.

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