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Candidate Statement for HBS Co-Presidents: Allison Campbell & Phil Caruso

  1. Better Global Events that help Break Down Silos.

  2. Internationally themed TGIFS + live music and culinary experiences.

  3. Speakers Series featuring leading experts and professors we haven’t had time to track down. Think TEDx.

  4. Support our International Students –Increase Interview Slots

  5. CPD makes employers pay for interviews. Change the incentives and provide free slots for internationals to increase your # of options.

  6. Increase Diversity of Case Protagonists and # of Women Leaders

  7. Involve students earlier in recommending and developing cases in partnership with the faculty. Increase the # of diverse protagonists we meet and discuss in the classroom.Improving our Experience

  8. Sponsored Events and Lunches

  9. More corporate sponsorships will reduce ticket prices and put $$ back in your pocket.

  10. Schedule company information sessions with better-catered lunches for students.

  11. Free coffee/tea/hot cocoa each morning, $100 of free printing annually, and Amazon Lockers

  12. It’s doable, and already the norm at multiple Harvard schools. For the cost of what HBS recently paid to deliver RCs 1,000 copies of “Make It Stick” justifying the FIELD trip rescheduling, we could have a semester of free coffee. We believe in transparency and feedback. Our SurveyMonkey (Password: HBS) is just the beginning! We’ll keep doing easy pulse surveys to hear from you and represent your voice throughout the year. Skeptical? Just remember this, from Jean-Claude Biver (h/t Paul Finnegan, who wrote it down): “By refusing reality, you create a new one. If someone tells you that it is impossible to make a gold watch that won’t scratch, find a new guy who says you can.” We’re thinking outside the box and will find ways to get things done – we’re even trying to get Jean-Claude Biver involved. This Wednesday, February 22nd Vote Allison & Phil – let’s do this. - Allison & Phil

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