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CODE Corner: Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Product Management Summer Internships

  1. In interviews, emphasize past experiences that have given you a detailed, unique perspective on the industry or user for the product you may be working on

  2. Each week, write a critique for a product. For each product you choose, form opinions on features you like, dislike, and what you would change and why.

  3. Try building something from scratch, even if it’s simple or just built on top of drag-and-drop platforms or sites such as Weebly / Squarespace / Shopify / WordPress. Think carefully and purposefully about the experience (why put the menu bar in the top left? What is the first thing a user should see when opening the app?)AB: What are you working on right now? BS: An algorithm that uses natural language processing to automatically generate cliff notes for BGIE cases...just kidding. Last semester I helped write an algorithm that suggested phrases to autocomplete notes for medical records. For example, if you are writing discharge notes, the probability that “ventricular” comes after the word “left” is over 70%. In our (pretty unscientific) empirical alpha test, we sped up note-taking by 20%. AB: How are you spending the summer? What’s next for you? BS: I’m helping a VC firm evaluate software and hardware opportunities in the self-driving vehicle space. Hopefully, this technology space won’t see the same downside as algorithmic trading.

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