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Dear Harby: The Advice Column for MBAs


I’m a prospective student and I love reading The Harbus! However, I recently read the Golden Passport by Duff McDonald and it’s pretty critical of the school. I’m not now not so sure about coming to HBS. What do you think?

- Wondering in Westport Dear Wondering, You’re right. It would be so much better if HBS was less wealthy and influential. If we had fewer applicants, enrolled fewer students, had fewer powerful alumni, and gave away half of the endowment -- we’d be Stanford GSB, and look how much everyone loves them! Oh actually, if we gave away half the endowment we’d still be a 50% wealthier Stanford GSB. Dirt McDutchrudder has a point though, all the HBS classes totally emphasize shareholder returns above all else! Just look at some of the RC classes. There is FRC (“Fraud, Rape and Corruption”), TEM (“The Evil Manager”), LCA (“Lacking Corporate Accountability,” and of course, our touchy-feely leadership class, GREED. All-in-all, that book is about one dramatic and desperate writer’s fantasies of corrupted American elites, not about the reality Harvard Business School, its students, or its faculty. Dank McDumpster has been leering at the school for years, looking desperately for something salacious to write. He thinks he found it, but it reads more like the DaVinci Code than All the President’s Men. Plus, if brevity is the soul of wit, at 672 pages this book must be the antichrist of boredom. We should treat this author like every other Allstonian who presses their face a little too long into the windows of Spangler, and politely ignore them. My advice, follow the aphorism of Caligula. “Let them hate so long as they fear.” Have a Golden Day, Harby

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