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Disability Services Coordination

MBA Student and Academic Services Harvard Business School has a MBA Disability Services program, which is part of the office of Student and Academic Services.   Students in the MBA program who have any form of learning difference, hearing, mobility, psychiatric disability, chronic medical condition, or short term injury can meet with the Disability Service Coordinator to get information and assistance around these issues. A few examples of ways that a student may receive help around these issues include: 

  1. A student with a short term injury may require assistance getting to and from the doctor

  2. A student with a documented visual or hearing impairment or some other chronic medical condition may need preferential seating in section classes

  3. A student with learning differences may require different testing parameters.Like other institutions of higher education, Harvard Business School is committed to ensuring that any student with a need for an accommodation is able to receive an accommodation, provided that the student can support the request with the proper documentation. Disability Services works with students to help them navigate the process of accommodation requests, from submitting the request to making sure the accommodation is provided.  All documentation received from students is confidential, and is shared only on a need-to-know basis. An example of a need-to-know situation would be: if a student has an accommodation for different testing parameters, our office would need to communicate the student’s name and the needed testing parameters to the Registrar, as that office is in charge of testing, but why the student has the need would not be disclosed.  One important point to mention about accommodations is that while some students use accommodations for a variety of reasons, included those listed above, many other students who have a documented need for accommodations, choose not to request them. If students do have particular needs for accommodations, it is important to understand that receiving the accommodations that students are entitled to can help on the path to success here at HBS. All students are welcome and encouraged to learn more about the guidelines for the documentation and accommodation process. Students are encouraged to meet with the Disability Service Coordinator, Aldo Peña Moses, if you have concerns about the pros and cons of making use of accommodations for a documented disability. Aldo can be reached at 617-384-8516 or via email,

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