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Updated: Mar 4

“Love’s in need of love today.”

Stevie Wonder opened Songs in The Key Life (#4 on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time) with a simple, profound observation – love takes work. If we don’t nurture it, love won’t always stick around. 

On one hand, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching at HBS, complete with “pitch your section-mate” and stoplight parties (anyone wearing yellow?). Love is in the air!

On the other, while students spent time with loved ones, traveling, or prepping cases over break, our University President resigned amid a no-holds-barred, no-love-lost media firestorm.

Love can exist in budding romance, and equally love can exist in argument. In either case, Wonder was right to recognize that love is hard. That love needs to be consciously prioritized. Indeed, “love’s in need of love today,” just as much as it was when he wrote that line in 1976.

In this first edition of 2024, the Harbus goes deep on love – how dual career couples make it work, how we can begin to wrap our heads around what exactly it means to love, and how to show that special someone that you know the hottest date spots in Boston. We also celebrate our community, from trailblazing female professors, to brilliant musicians, to innovative founders. And finally, we reflect on the adversity our community faced while we were away. Can we find love on both sides of a debate, and use that to grow together?

It’s with sincere gratitude that I step into the Editor-in-Chief role this year, alongside Harbus CEO Edouard Lyndt. Rory and Edgard, you’ve left big shoes to fill. 

Tim Ford (MBA ’25) is originally from New Jersey. He graduated from the University of Virginia with degrees in Commerce and Spanish in 2018, and completed an M.Phil. in Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge in 2019. Prior to the HBS MBA, Tim worked in growth equity in San Francisco. 

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