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From the Editor’s Desk

Alex Smith, Editor-in-Chief

This issue arrives in a time where the world is shocked by and responding to the tragic attacks on Ukraine. Protests on Harvard campus are united with protests across the globe, where ordinary people are speaking out for the rights of their fellow citizens. Through this lens, the March 2022 issue of the Harbus fosters a theme of community, compassion, and support.

We are fortunate to highlight three startups this month who demonstrate these values. Janvi Shah, Nicole Clay, and Sylvan Guo detail their inclusive startup Hue, a company using technology to provide personalized makeup recommendations to match all skin tones and skin types. We also learn of Larsen, a startup founded by Alex Benoit, that aims to empower managers to improve cohesion within teams and to overcome the challenges of remote work. Eni Dervishi shares her experience in Startup Bootcamp, where the HBS community helped her launch her telehealth company focused on increasing access to high quality care in emerging markets.

This issue also reminds our readers of the talent and joy widespread within the community. Valentina Bulava reports on the HBS Staff Art Show, where HBS staff members showcase the beauty of everyday life through artist endeavors. With a complementary message, Ranjay Gupta continues his series with his article reminding us that everyone, even corporations, should have purpose even when it is tough to do so.

Conferences are back—and in person! Ziana Kotadia reports on the WSA Women in Business conference, and Mishaal Nathani shares details on the VCPE Conference, each providing fellow HBS students the network, skills, and support they need for a successful career and life.

Finally, Sapan Shah gives us something to look forward to, with his share of the upgrades to campus housing, sure to attract the more tech savvy readers.

As we continue to live in a world full of confusion and pain, we must remember the importance of community. The message of the Harbus this month is if you have the capacity, be there for your community, and if you do not, let your community be there for you. Together, we are strongest.


Alex Smith (MBA ’23) is a dog mom from Texas. She previously worked for Chevron Technology Ventures helping startups to scale. Skiing with friends, listening to podcasts on long walks, and singing Billy Joel on road trips are some of her favorite pastimes.

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