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From the Editor’s Desk

Noelia Lombardo Gava, Editor-in-Chief

The Difference You Choose to Make

We started putting together this issue under a bright, blue sky, with a beautiful temperature. As we wrap up, the skies have turned gray and the rain only stopped for the Head of the Charles. The mood on campus goes down with the weather and students experience midterm fatigue. Those blues come also with the realization that, in a little over a month, this semester will be over. Too fast, too soon. 

The good news is that the HBS community is not brought down by the melancholy of fall. I can never cease to be surprised by the energy and impact of our articles’ protagonists. This month, our incredible team of editors and collaborators bring you stories of entrepreneurship, entertainment, industry insights and much more. Our Women Leadership editor, Ziana Kotadia, continues with her series on female entrepreneurs, featuring the founders of tys and Clean Bee, both impacting the world of beauty and self care. Temi Ojuade, also Women Leadership Editor, complements this optimism by reporting on the section leadership gender distribution for the Class of 2023—the majority of positions are held by women. We also bring you stories of entrepreneurs who are still MBA candidates but also of those who graduated. 

The Industry Insights section comes with two thought-provoking articles. The first one, by professor David Edelman, elaborates on the transformation of marketing in healthcare. The second one, an interview of former ambassador of Chile to China by Martín Rodríguez, suggests that the US should compete rather than block China. Also thought-provoking, Margarita Chiquiza shares her My Take on living authentically—a must read of this issue. And to balance the seriousness of these topics, our team brings you an analysis of Squid Game by professor Sandra Sucher, a review of the mountain bike scene in Boston by Felipe Cerón and an invitation by professor Arthur Brooks to “Stop Waiting for Your Soul Mate.”

Getting to read all the stories of the Harbus is really a privilege, through which I have learned that creating meaningful differences in the world is our choice to make. What will yours be?


Noelia Lombardo Gava (MBA ’22) was born in Argentina but identifies herself as a global citizen. She is a biomedical engineer, a management consultant, a storyteller and a lifelong migrant. She loves the outdoors, diving, yoga, reading, and good debates. 

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