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HBS Exceptional Athlete Awards: John Watts

Earlier this month, Delia Zanoschi and Tum Preugpaibul (RCs) announced the winners of the inaugural HBS exceptional athlete awards, an initiative they started this year to recognize the best athletes at HBS. This week, Delia and Tum interviewed HBS Class of 2016 exceptional athlete winner John Watts.


SECTION H, WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA What are the three key areas that have carried you to winning titles? Hardwork, competitive nature of the sport and ways to consistently get better are three areas I would focus on. Practice hard so that when you get to the match you can focus on playing your best. What drove you to play competitively? I just enjoyed the thrill of the natural competition. As you win a match, you start playing with people who are better and better. Once you lose a match and see that other people are better, you go home and think about how you can get better. When you think of tennis, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Me and my friends out on a court, no spectators, sunny day. We are all having fun and hitting the ball around. Less of the competitive side, less of the improvement and more about being there because you enjoy being outside and being with your friend. What advice would you give to people? Always try to improve/get better. It’s like the TOM analogy always scale the mountain but you want to find the next mountain

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