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HBS Tech Conference 2022: Stepping into Our Role as Digital-Native Leaders

TJ Olojede, Contributor

Katalina Bock, Contributor

The HBS Tech conference is happening in-person! Tickets on sale now.

The first HBS Tech Conference was convened 30 years ago in 1992.

In the three decades since, we have witnessed an unprecedented explosion of new technologies that have reshaped how people live, interact and thrive. In frontier technology, we have seen rapid advances in robotics and autonomous vehicles, the rise of the metaverse with augmented and virtual reality and NFTs, and the implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in our day-to-day lives. With the rise of  Big Tech companies, we are coming to terms with how much influence said companies have on shaping business and society and what implications that has on anti-trust and privacy legislation. And these trends are not just domestic—tech in emerging markets increasingly allows developing countries to leapfrog existing innovation, bolster their economies, and create new markets—with multiple unicorns arising in fintech and crypto—that will have implications for billions in the emerging world.

Today’s HBS students are digital-natives, who grew up under the ubiquitous influence of the internet and these modern technologies. So, we set out to create the 30th Annual HBS Tech Conference to help HBS students understand their role as digital-native leaders and grapple with the opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities that we will face with technological advances in the coming decades. The theme of this year’s conference is stepping into our role as digital-native leaders. The conference will convene industry-leading keynote speakers, panelists, and Harvard professors across three tracks—frontier tech, tech in emerging markets, and Big Tech. Speakers currently include the following: Tom Rosamilia, who leads IBM’s efforts in hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity; Roland Cloutier, TikTok’s global Chief Security Officer; Daniel Vogel, CEO and co-founder of Bitso; and Sarah Bianchi, the Deputy US Trade Representative.

We would like to give a huge thank you to the conference planning team: Vivek Agrawal, Katalina Bock, Eric Park, Claudia Garivini, Yoshita Agrawal, and TJ Olojede. Tickets are on sale now at


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TJ Olojede (MBA ’23)  is leading planning for the Frontier Tech track of the HBS Tech Conference. Prior to HBS, he was at Facebook conducting research on advertising effectiveness and before that, at Microsoft as a data scientist. Katalina Bock (MBA ’23) is leading the marketing, advertising, and communications of the 30th Annual HBS Tech Conference. Prior to HBS, she worked in brand management, digital marketing, and new product innovation at Johnson & Johnson in Los Angeles.

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