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Memoirs of an EC

Sasha Pang's Three Most Important Lessons From Business School Have Nothing To Do With BusinessIn August 2015, my husband and I packed ourselves and our beloved cockapoo into our SUV, and drove from San Francisco to Boston. As we made our way across the country, I looked forward with anticipation to the challenge and privilege of taking two years away from being a “real adult” in order to pursue my MBA. Since then, countless friends and curious strangers have asked me what the experience has been like, what I’ve learned. As I reflect on the three quarters of it that are already in the past, I realize that the most profound lessons are simpler than any academic discovery, business insight, or networking break-through could be. Three principles have emerged as guiding posts in my life: (1) Balance Your Energy, (2) Just Show Up, and (3) Don’t You Dare Let the World Scare You. Balance Your Energy

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