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October SAMBA Awards: Polls are Open!

October SAMBA Awards: Polls are Open! Have you witnessed an RC or EC demonstrate commendable leadership under strenuous or challenging circumstances? How about one who has gone above and beyond helping fellow students find internships or employment? Or a student who runs review sessions or coordinates other extracurricular academic-focused events to help a larger group?  If so, we want to hear from you! In March of 2013 the Student Association (SA) and MBA Program partnered to develop the monthly SAMBA Awards, recognizing unsung students who have had an exceptional impact on the HBS community, improving morale and elevating the sense of community on and off campus.  This awards program was created with the intent to recognize those students whose contributions to the HBS community might otherwise go unacknowledged. Each month, students, faculty, and staff are invited to nominate students by voting at the SAMBA Awards poll.  MBA program staff members will aggregate nominations on a rolling basis and deliver them to the SAMBA Awards Committee, consisting of members of the SA executive team and MBA Program staff members.  Awards will be announced on a monthly basis. SAMBA award recipients and their nominator(s) will be recognized at a breakfast hosted by the MBA Program.  In addition, award recipients will be publicized on myHBS and in the SA Pulse. Here at HBS, we’re all surrounded by individuals who consistently go the extra mile in demonstrating leadership, initiative, selfless service, and building community connectivity.  Please join us in this unique opportunity to officially recognize the efforts of fellow students who help make our HBS community what it is.

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