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The HBS Fashion Show: A Runway of Success

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Neelam Khan (MBA ’24) shares the trend report for the most stylish night on the student calendar.

Neelam Khan (MBA ’24)

Fashion has long been associated with glitz and glamor, but it is not just about the clothes. In recent years, the fashion industry has become a powerhouse of economic growth and innovation. The Retail and Luxury Goods Club (RLGC) explores this intersection between business and fashion. This year the co-presidents Alex Hough and Hiba Elbuluk brought back the HBS Fashion Show after a two-year hiatus.

The HBS Fashion Show, which first took place in 2018, is a student-run event that brings together the school’s diverse student body for a glamorous event that rivals New York Fashion Week. With a high supply of good looks and modeling skills (and not just the Excel type) throughout the community, the RLGC team was able to recruit a line-up of 70 models across all RC and EC sections.

HBS Fashion Show

Student models were dressed by a portfolio of designers including Todd Snyder, Ministry of Supply, Under Armour, Alo, Anine Bing, COS, Alice + Olivia, Bonobos, Free People, State and Liberty and GIADA. The designers showcased outfits for every occasion, giving students a cheatsheet to get a “1” in fashion. Under Armour and Alo served looks to keep students stylish in Shad, COS and Free People provided the Aldrich aesthetic, and Alice + Olivia and Todd Snyder delivered the glamorous gala look we all search for! The evening gave attendees the

opportunity to practice their best stern Anna Wintour impression in the front row whilst the models lived out their runway dreams.

We spoke to RC model Ayushi Sinha (MBA ’24) who shared more about her experience. “In high school, my friends and I would watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year and dream of being a model. Being a part of the fashion show at HBS gave me a chance to live my angel moment.”

As well as being a night of glitz and glamor, the event also served to support a greater cause, partnering with the charity Dress for Success which empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support and professional attire. The event was also used as an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the student body, upholding the club’s commitment to making a positive impact through fashion and business, beyond the runway. 

Harbus Logo

Neelam Khan (MBA ’24) is originally from the UK and graduated from LSE in 2016. Prior to HBS, she was a finance girlie and worked in the Global Liquidity team at J.P Morgan Asset Management to fund her shopping addiction.

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