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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

10 things you don’t know about: Mohamed Farid1I am of Egyptian origin (not the best passport in the world to have). I was a first born child, born conveniently 40 days before my father finished his MBA and left the USA. My parents swear that I was an accident. 2I am an extremely boring person. When I feel down, I read Bloomberg or the Economist, when I am really depressed I have been known to read the American Economic Review. 3I wasn’t always boring. As a kid, I was very badly behaved. Amongst many suspensions, detentions etc., I once accidently elbowed the principle in the “groin area”, in front of the entire school. To my defense, I mixed him up for a friend who I was mad at at the time. Being blind and violent isn’t always a smart idea. Fortunately, he had two daughters afterwards. 4When I was a child, I dreamed of being a pilot. My grandma, realizing the safety issues with a blind pilot, convinced me to become an engineer. After studying engineering, I realized that that being a consultant was a very similar job to being a pilot; with enough points you also sit at the front of the plane. So I became a consultant with an extreme interest in plane crashes (the plane crashes is the engineering part). 5I always want what I can’t get. I was rejected from McKinsey twice and HBS twice before I got in. One of my HBS applications was for the PhD program. I have no clue what I was thinking given my ADHD. (Girls, that doesn't apply to you.) 6The hardest thing about being blind isn’t getting around, it’s interpersonal relationships: I once asked a friend of mine who I’d known for a few weeks out on what was supposed to be a date, not realizing that she was engaged at the time. Clearly her ring wasn’t shiny enough. 7I really really like moving: I haven’t lived in a place for more than two years since 2004. In many ways I really need to leave Boston soon, however I don’t want to leave HBS – you people are amazing. 8I have a huge sweet tooth and no self-control – I don’t think I’ve ever ordered less than three cookies or two brownies at Spangler – a problem if your family has a history of diabetes. 9My motto in life is that “it’s a joke”, there’s no point taking it too seriously, that’s just stressful and not fun. 1 0My section mates will all know that I have a serious issue with punctuality. It was very important that both semesters last year I had a seat right next to the door. There is only one thing I’m on time to, which is Friday prayers. There are a few things which I take seriously in life, mainly my friends, family, doing something that matters to the world and my religion.

10 things you don’t know about: Vaishnavi “Vaish” Srivathsan1I was an intended child. Gender, however, was intended to be male. #oops. 2If you ever pass by my room, you’ll always hear some music playing. Ask the Hamilton peeps. Spotify has been my best purchasing decision ever. 3I love me some blackjack and poker. I’ve been cumulatively net positive on my Vegas trips! (on a count of 5). 4I have a 80/40 rule for life – I need to visit 80 countries before I turn 40. I have an actual list. HBS has made it seem more likely than ever. 5I am a hardcore vegetarian – like 100%. Sometimes, I don’t even eat eggs. This makes Life Alive one of my favorite eat-out spots. 6I rejoice in watching really nerdy, historically accurate series made by the British – Tudors, Vikings et al. Keep Calm and TV on. 7The 2015 summer is a really exciting time for my family and I – three of us (my brother-in-law, my sister and I) graduate from three different business schools in the US. 8My first professional performance (as an actor/dancer) was when I was three years old. It also turned out to be my first television appearance. For the Indians in the house, this was on Doordarshan. Yes, those days. 9I am really good at fast math. A section-mate called me a human calculator. My friends usually put me in charge of calculating tips. 1 0 I am the only person at HBS with an arts degree from the IITs. That means I have a “unique” perspective on technology AND society. Nabil, The Harbus Editor-in-Chief, says it’s a fake degree!

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