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A Fiduciary Duty to Rock & Roll

An attempt to convince VHI to do a “Behind The Music” episode about The Fiduciaries, HBS’ favorite band.

When I first met Brandon Warren (MBA ’24) in August 2022, he was getting out of the taxi to move into the house we share to this day. With his guitar on his shoulder, a Beatles T-shirt and ripped jeans, he looked more like a Glastonbury attendee than a School of Rock type of guy. After a couple weeks, it couldn’t have been more clear that Warren was a musician at heart: his afternoon guitar sessions became a norm in our house, making some songs like “Here Comes the Sun” get stuck in my head while trying to read the long FRC and MKT cases during RC fall. Now, turned into an HBS musical superstar as the lead singer of the hottest band in town, The Fiduciaries, he sits down with me on a break in his busy agenda to talk about the origins of the band and its future.

When did your music career start?

Warren: I was in a band in high school (Across Coves). We recorded music and released an album, and played in some clubs in the Sunset Strip (West Hollywood, CA). Then, after graduating, I started a cover band in college. However, my band teammates got interested in writing music, so we ended up releasing an album under the name Davenport Landing, and we played on campus (Stanford) and in parties. And that was kind of it! I thought I was done with live music after it.

Editor's Note:  Warren is being humble. Across Coves, his high school band, had among its members Maxx Morando, Liily’s drummer and Miley Cyrus’s frequent collaborator (and boyfriend); and Nicholas Podany, star of Apple TV’s Hello Tomorrow!. The band opened for Maroon 5 at the Microsoft Theatre in LA in 2013. His college band, Davenport Landing, is currently on Spotify.

How did The Fiduciaries come to be?

Warren: The author of this article introduced me to Shayne Gelbard (MBA’ 24) during the first weeks of Fall 2022. We hit it off immediately. He played guitar and I play guitar too, and we like similar music. We talked about jamming together and getting coffee, but I didn't think it would actually happen. You know how hectic things are in the RC fall. But then we actually did follow up! Shayne introduced me to Jordan (Wolkon, MBA ’24), who is a fantastic keyboard player, and we decided to go jamming at a local studio in Allston. It went great! Later Shayne found out Michael Bervell (MBA ’24) played the drums, and we invited him to jam with us. I invited my sectionmate Udayan Bulchandani (MS/MBA ’24) too, since he played bass. And it just gelled, it sounded fantastic! And having been in my fair share of bands before, I could tell this one was special. So when I floated the idea to the other guys they were all in. 

Editor's Note:  Warren and Gelbard did an amazing job recruiting the top musical talent of the Class of 2024.  Band members, besides Warren (guitar and vocals) are:

  • Shayne Gelbard (guitar): “I’ve played music since I was five. Piano at age five, stopped when I picked up guitar at eight. Played classical/flamenco until high school when I got into classic rock and technical guitarists and eventually jazz. Played in a high school band where we wrote originals. Picked up drums self taught and bass as a high school junior,and eventually wrote/recorded/produced an instrumental album.”  

  • Jordan Wolkon (keys): “I have been playing piano since age seven. I’m classically trained and have performed in concert recitals throughout my childhood until age 18. Since then, I’ve played in multiple jazz and contemporary bands, and have spent the last few years playing bars, restaurants, and weddings in the Boston area.” Jordan was also a pianist at HBS and played during the week in Spangler.

  • Udayan Bulchandani (bass): “Music has always been a central part of my life – whether that’s listening, playing or creating. I started my musical journey playing classical piano as a young kid, then progressed to blues, jazz and pop in my teens. I picked up the guitar around then, started writing songs in GarageBand, and never looked back. My main musical inspirations are Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff. I think the Roland JP-8 synthesizer is the pinnacle of human achievement. Music doesn’t get much better than a chunky, detuned, aggressively arpeggiated synthesizer.”

  • Michael Bervell (drums): “Throughout my life, I’ve always found a way to integrate music into my free time. In middle school and high school it was jazz band, in college it was pit orchestra, and after graduation I found it extremely difficult. Coming to HBS I immediately found a group of guys to jam with a couple times a week and, on a whim, we decided to pull together a show. For me it’s not just about playing music, it’s about sharing my love, passion, and meditative practice with the world.”

Tell us more about the first shows.

Warren: Our first show was in May, at the Queen’s Head Pub, to almost 200 people the day before the class of 2024 left for FIELD. We were so excited and grateful for the HBS community’s response! We played an amalgamation of songs we liked, some old songs, classic Rock & Roll and alternative music. And then, when we got back for EC year, we decided to hit the ground running and do a theme. So, in October, we rented the Sonia room at the Middle East lounge and we put together a 1970s boogie disco night, with amazing guest vocalists! Special shout out to Valerie Ha (MBA ’24) who has been with us since the first show! We all dressed up (and encouraged the audience to dress up too) and had a fantastic night! 

Editor's Note: That the concerts were a success is an understatement. The first show sold out quickly and the Slack secondary market was hot before the day of the concert. For the second show,  they sold out again to almost 300 people. Special shout out to old sections E, G, J and K, who have been the biggest fans of the band and the most loyal followers. They also became the support band for the HBS Show Cabaret this past fall semester.

What’s next for the band this semester?

Warren: Our next (and potentially last) show will be Friday March 1st, at the Sonia room at the Middle East Lounge. It will be a 2000s theme, so put on your best dancing clothes and get ready for the heartbreak only a middle schooler can feel. From alternative rock, indie to emo, all your favorites. Get your tickets early! 

Editor's Note:  Having seen the boys rehearse and commit for the past year, coming to our basement (now turned into a Music Studio) after class to practice till the late hours, I couldn’t recommend the next concert more to those who haven’t been yet. Here’s hoping there will be one more before we graduate! 

Edgard Mejico (MBA ’24) is originally from Lima, Peru. He graduated from Universidad del Pacifico, Peru with a degree in Business Engineering in 2016. Prior to the HBS MBA, he worked for six years in Brand Management and Sales in Colgate-Palmolive Latin America.

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