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New Beginnings Are my Favorite Time of the Year September is a hectic month. New classes, new classmates, new homes. September’s time is not counted in hours but in events. So time folds on itself as we run from one overlapping invite to the next. It was packed and so busy, yet we blinked and it was October. This issue is an invitation to pause and enjoy the good weather while it lasts. Before the leaves start to fall and the rain covers the blue skies, take a moment to read “A Boston for Everyone,” a compilation by Community Editor Sapan Shah of all that Boston has to offer. Take also a moment to laugh with Campus News Editor Erika Mionis’ “Scribe Hears Life-Changing (?) Comment.”  This issue is also an invitation to celebrate all of September’s (and before) accomplishments and to learn about the world beyond HBS. The Harbus team has prepared three entrepreneurship and two industry insight articles which cover topics from non-alcoholic drinks to the adoption of cryptocurrency in El Salvador. September is a time of joining new communities, and our team of editors has done an incredible job to make your life easier in this transition. Read Campus News Editor Katherine Richardson’s “An Introduction to This Year’s SA Executive Board,” Valentina B’s “FAQs for HBS Partners” and Women Leadership Editor Temi Ojuade “Female ECs Answer Top of Mind Questions from Female RCs.”  Plenty of articles to choose from, and too little time. We will blink again and “November Rain” will be playing in the background. So, if anything, I invite you to invest 30 seconds to read Emily Horton’s “Motorcycles and Nuns: Why Calls to Happiness Fail When Vocation is at Stake” closing paragraph: “As we go forward into our academic year and our lives from there, I invite you to reflect when you are asked for advice. Do your friends and peers the honor of true reflection, collaboration, and discussion about what their vocation really means to them and spend time understanding the complexity of their situations. Does happiness govern your vocation? What does that mean to you?”

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