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Updated: Sep 1

The times, they are a-changin’

April arrived, and with it, warmer weather, more sunlight hours, and the last month of classes in the 2022-2023 academic year. Looking to the future, with just a few weeks and a few finals to go, many HBS students find themselves at an inflection point. For RCs, rejoining the workforce looms large in their outlook for the summer – a new city, new friends, and in many cases, a new industry, await. For the ECs, April marks the culmination of a nearly two year long journey, and the start of a promising new chapter.

In this edition, we address many of these changes, largely through the lens of the RC experience (our next issue, timed with graduation, will be geared more towards the EC experience). We share a few of our classmates’ plans for summer internships, provide more visibility into EC academics and offer recommendations for course selection, and give an overview of one popular on-campus housing option for rising ECs and future RCs (congratulations to recent R2 admits)! This edition also covers campus and community news, including a review of a recently revamped conference, an interview with an alum on her soon-to-launch dating app, a profile on a student with a unique passion, a spring break recap, and a professor profile.

“There is nothing permanent except change,” the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said nearly 2,500 years ago. As we write to you from the editors’ desk, our first year at HBS very much a blur, we couldn’t agree more.


Rory Finnegan (MBA ’24) is originally from New Jersey. She graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in poetry writing in 2018. Prior to HBS, she worked in consulting and CEO communications in New York.

Edgard Mejico (MBA ’24) is originally from Lima, Peru. He graduated from Universidad del Pacifico, Peru with a degree in Business Engineering in 2016. Prior to the HBS MBA, he worked for six years in Brand Management and Sales in Colgate-Palmolive Latin America.

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